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Caucus Chaos and Caucus Chaos Trump Books (Buy both and save 20%!)

Caucus Chaos and Caucus Chaos Trump Books (Buy both and save 20%!)

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Caucus Chaos

Intrigue, uncertainty, surprises, scandal and controversy made the treasured Iowa Caucuses an event like no other. Iowans take their caucuses seriously, as well as their responsibility to have their state begin the long journey to choose the next president. But they struggled for months, putting their support behind one candidate after another, as they struggled to decide which one could actually win.

Meanwhile, behind-the-scenes dealmaking, decision-making and a pay-to-play scandal tarnished the clean-cut reputation of the event. Scandal took down a rising social conservative leader in the state, who double-crossed friends. And one late-night controversial decision may have derailed the political future of another party leader.

Presidential candidates, staffers and activists reveal never before told inside accounts of what happened, why they occurred and how they impacted the final results. "Caucus Chaos" shares the real story behind the 2012 Iowa Caucuses with a look ahead to what their disputed finish means for the 2016 contest.


Caucus Chaos Trump

Now what? There had never been a politician like Donald Trump. He won over Iowans who had grown to distrust their future, government, politicians and the media. Democrats have now taken back control of the White House and Congress while Iowa remained solidly Republican red. How did Trump win Iowa so decisively? What was it that made Iowans follow him? And what are the Democrats' plans to reconnect with the people who had given up on the party?

Author and television reporter Dave Price shares interviews with dozens of local, state and national leaders on what's happened and what's ahead, along with his own experiences about what has developed in Iowa.